Oak frame trusses

Oak frame trusses have protected us from the weather and graced our properties for many centuries. Adding height and space to our living areas they are at once beautiful, impressive and functional

Value & prestige

Vaulted ceilings using oak frame trusses add ventilation, a feeling of airiness, and above all add value and prestige to a property. Oak is a combination of strength, durability and beauty which has made it the construction material of choice for thousands of years.

Precision engineered

Made from highest quality oak, our trusses will enhance any property. All our trusses are carefully designed and constructed, with special attention to the design constraints and the measurements of the building. Our oak trusses are precision engineered but with a traditional finish.

High quality finish

To avoid water marking and stains while the roof covering is put in place we finish our oak with oil to provide a protective and beautiful honey coloured finish. This protects the timber from staining during the build process and provides a wipe clean finish once the project is complete. The oil brings out the depth and colour of the oak and shows off its beauty in great detail.

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