Oak frame restoration

As eminent experts in our field we are often involved in oak frame restoration projects. We are passionate about bringing back to life ancient heritage buildings that have fallen on hard times

historic homes

It has been our privilege to have worked to restore and preserve many buildings of historic significance. Notable properties we have worked on include Dawpool, once the home of Richard Ismay, owner of the Titanic; Wythenshawe Hall, ancient residence of the Tatton family, and a survivor of the Civil War; and Budworth Hall, to name just a few. We are passionate about using our knowledge to restore these great buildings to their ancient glory with renewed life for many more centuries ahead.

Forever learning

We find working on heritage projects a fascinating and learning experience as we uncover the methods and techniques of the previous generations of craftsmen. Lots has changed. We now have the advantage of laser scanners, CAD, internal combustion engines and a multitude of power tools. Lots however is much the same, with mallets, honed chisels, elbow grease and, above all, the quality of the craft taking shape beneath your hands.

Oak frame restoration projects

We are proud of the oak restoration projects we have been privileged to work on. Below is a sample of some of our latest work

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